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Ting Ren Lu

Ting Ren Lu


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    First Genetic Information Replication in Life Origin on Earth
    Author(s): Da Yong Lu and Ting Ren LuDa Yong Lu and Ting Ren Lu

    Why and how our living-bodies, such as human beings, have been originated from a barely non-life planet into the highly-intelligent life existing Earth have been interested and pursued by large population of readers and investigators. Apart from evolution of Darwin’s arguments, [1]some detailed evolutionary theories and steps have been stated and discussed by modern evolutionists and investigators, including the evolutionary step of first genetic information duplication. There has been DNA-, RNA- and protein-originated evolution hypotheses regarding the first genetic information having been duplicated and translated. There were lot of experimental data can be used to support two possibilities of genetic material duplication. For example, we simulate genetic information duplication in the presence of one type of genetic materials. But this likes “chicken-or-the-egg” d.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9296.1000e104

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