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Timothy Sands

Timothy Sands

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    Education in Nuclear Deterrence and Assurance
    Author(s): Timothy SandsTimothy Sands

    This study elaborates on actions taken by the United States air force towards the goal of increasing critical thinking of members of the nuclear enterprise about nuclear deterrence and assurance. Critical thinking is best sought via education, as opposed to training and accordingly member of the nuclear enterprise has several new options for part-time distance learning education supported by the air force together with military and civilian academia. Especially since the air force had just begun sponsoring members, these students could be considered “beta-test” cases, and the air force has initiated a rigorous academic program review to solicit student feedback in addition to professional feedback from the student’s organizations (to ascertain if the education is improving critical thinking at work)... Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-0374.19.166

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