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Theresa C Hemsworth-Peterson

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    Role of JNK Signalling and AHR in Fibrosis, Implications for New Therapeutics
    Author(s): Theresa C Hemsworth-PetersonTheresa C Hemsworth-Peterson

    In this study a role for signalling molecules in experimental fibrosis is established using a novel model of fibrosis. The yellow phosphorous treatment of AHR-/- knockout mice caused fibrosis within 7 days and provided a narrow window in which to characterize the regulation of signalling molecules. The mice used were AHR-/- mice (5 weeks) with and without Yellow Phosphorous (YP) treatment compared to C57BL/6 (5 weeks). YP (0.6 mg/kg) was administered to AHR-/- mice for 1 week. A subgroup of mice were also administered c-jun antisense. A group of AHR-/- mice (aged 10 to 24 week old) were also studied to verify the spontaneous development of liver fibrosis over time in these animals. As an index of fibrosis, the liver collagen content was determined by Sirius red/fast green staining in these animals, the levels of hepatic c-Jun and collagen were also assessed by Western analysis. Result.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7092.1000127

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