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Tewodros Abate Alemayehu

Tewodros Abate Alemayehu
College of Natural and Computational Sciences,
Addis Ababa

  • Review Article
    The Role of Functional Feed Additives in Tilapia Nutrition
    Author(s): Tewodros Abate Alemayehu, Akwake Geremew and Abebe GetahunTewodros Abate Alemayehu, Akwake Geremew and Abebe Getahun

    Aquaculture feeds are formulated with a vast pool of ingredient to meet nutritional requirements of fish for normal physiological functions, including maintaining a highly effective natural immune system, growth, and reproduction. To ensure the dietary nutrients are ingested, digested, absorbed, and transported to the cells, an increasing diversity of non-nutritive feed additives are being used in aquatic feeds. Feed additives are supplemented in small amounts to tilapia for a specific purpose in aquaculture. Feed containing functional feed additives promote the growth and health of tilapia, improve their immune systems, and induce physiological benefits beyond traditional feeds. Probiotics, prebiotics, phytogenic substances, immune-stimulants, enzymes, hormones, mycotoxin binders, organic acids etc., are best functional feed additives to manage and regulate tilapia performance and im.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2150-3508.1000249

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