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Aquaculture Tanks

There are a variety of tank designs which are of standard use in aquaculture systems. These include round tanks, D-ended tanks, and raceways. Round tanks have the advantage of a naturally self cleaning action. As the water swirls around the tank, solids are drawn towards the middle, where the outlet is situated. Due to this property, they are often used in hatcheries, where due to high feed rates, solids loadings (waste feed and faeces) can be very high and also in recirculation systems, to remove the solids as soon as possible, before they break down. Raceway is a general term given to a straight sided artificial channel in which fish are held. Generally these have a high water turnover rate, occuring in less than one hour. D-ended tanks are a type of holding unit which are very economical in terms of space. These tanks can be constructed from most materials, including fiberglass and concrete.

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