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Tilapia Aquaculture

Tilapia is a warm water, fresh water fish farmed in a few locations in Canada. The flesh is white, moist and mild-flavoured and, as such, versatile for cooking in a variety of menus. Dozens of species are farmed worldwide, however three species make up the bulk of production. The main species farmed in Canada is the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. Tilapia is one of the fastest growing fish farming sectors globally, led by China and other low cost Asian and South American producers. Over 2 million tonnes were produced in 2006, and it is now in the top 10 fish species consumed in North America. The majority of farmed tilapia is exported to seafood markets in Europe and North American as frozen and value added products. All of the Canadian production is sold live to local markets, where premium prices are obtained for fresh, live fish. Toronto is the single largest market for live tilapia in North America, and burgeoning markets exist in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

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