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Takele Abayneh

Takele Abayneh


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    Edwardsiella Species Infection in Fish Population and Its Status in Ethiopia
    Author(s): Yoseph Kerie, Anwar Nuru and Takele AbaynehYoseph Kerie, Anwar Nuru and Takele Abayneh

    The genus Edwardsiella (E.) is a Gram-negative, glucose fermentative, catalase positive, and capable of producing H2S and indole (except E. ictaluri). It comprises the three previously isolated E. tarda, E. hoshinae, E. ictaluri and the two recently isolated E. piscicida, E. anguillarum species. Except E. hoshinae, other Edwardsiella spp. are pathogenic to fish, and only E. tarda is known to cause human infection. Pathogenic Edwardsiella spp. uses the virulence factors that include flagellin, adhesin, hemolysin, type III and type VI secretion systems to gain entry into and survive within the host. The status and distribution of edwardsiellosis in fish and its public health significance in Ethiopia is poorly understood, and thus needs further studies as aquaculture is growing in the country. Since.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2150-3508.19.10.266

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