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Medical Safety & Global Health
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Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar
ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute,
New Delhi-110012

  • Review Article
    Environmental Stress, Food Safety, and Global Health: Biochemical, Genetic and Epigenetic Perspectives
    Author(s): Suresh KumarSuresh Kumar

    Environmental stress adversely affects the living organisms. To cope with the deleterious effects of the stresses, organisms have developed tolerance mechanisms which vary from individual to individual. Hence, the stress may be more deleterious for one individual in a particular situation but it may not be deleterious for the others. Environmental stresses trigger enhanced production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), causing an oxidative stress in the organism. Several antioxidants are generated inside the body to maintain optimum level of ROS in the body, and to protect cellular macromolecules from the damages caused by ROS. Excessive ROS production has been correlated with chronic diseases in human beings. Several phytochemicals are produced by plants for protection from the stresses, many of which are equally protective for animals also. The changing cl.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2574-0407.1000145

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