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    Cost Identification Analysis of Anesthesia Fiberscope Use for Tracheal Intubation
    Author(s): Steven S. Liu, Jay B. Brodsky and Alex MacarioSteven S. Liu, Jay B. Brodsky and Alex Macario

    Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopes (fiberscopes) are often used by anesthesiologists to manage patients with difficult airwaysor for confirmation of proper placement of adouble lumen endotracheal tube. The goal of this study was to determine the incremental cost per patient use, from the hospital’s perspective, of a reusable fiberscope for tracheal intubation. Methods The fiberscope cost per-use equaled the sum of: 1) annual depreciated capital acquisition cost for the fiberscopes utilized divided by the corresponding number of uses during the study year (10/1/2009 to 10/1/2010), 2) the total annual repair/replacement costs due to fiberscope damage during the study year also divided by the corresponding number of uses during the year, and 3) the incremental costs of cleaning supplies and labor required each time a fiberscope was used.Fixed overhead costs (e.g., hospital endoscope.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6148.1000215

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