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Sadaf Afrin

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    Nanocellulose as Novel Supportive Functional Material for Growth and Development of Cells
    Author(s): Zoheb Karim and Sadaf AfrinZoheb Karim and Sadaf Afrin

    The exploration of biological polymer is a new interest due to its favorable properties used in biomedical and clinical applications. Within the used biopolymer, cellulose emerged as a most exploitable functional material at nanoscale. Working with nanosize cellulose, provides some additional advantages compare to other manmade functional polymers. The fabrication of cellulosic scaffold as a platform for growth and development of cells is a thrust area of tissue engineering but this fabricated scaffold needs to have some fundamental prerequisite before implantation in donor. Thus, this short report discusses about the NC based scaffolds for the growth and development of cells and tissue. The main focus is on derived wood and microbial NCs. Thereafter; some interesting examples will be discussed to understand the necessity of cellulose-based supports in tissue engineering field. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9296.1000154

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