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S Kreydiyyeh

S Kreydiyyeh


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    Aquaculture of Marine Fish in Inland Low Salinity Well Water: Potassium Is Not the Only Limiting Element
    Author(s): N Mourad, S Kreydiyyeh, J Ghanawi and IP SaoudN Mourad, S Kreydiyyeh, J Ghanawi and IP Saoud

    Inland saline groundwater is abundant in various areas of the world but is not suitable for traditional agriculture irrigation and is also not suitable for marine aquaculture mainly because of potassium deficiencies. In the present work, we used marbled spinefoot rabbitfish Siganus rivulatus, as a model organism to investigate whether varying levels of aqueous K+ affect survival and growth, and whether ambient K+ has an effect on fish osmoregulation and haemolymph osmolality. A ten-week growth experiment was conducted where fish were reared in reconstituted inland saline water containing K+ concentrations equivalent to 15%, 40% and 100% (denoted as: Trt15, Trt40, and Trt100, respectively) of potassium in 15 ppt seawater. A 15 ppt seawater treatment (CSW) was used as a control. Fish weight, length, survival, Fulton-type condition index, blood and water osmolality, and serum Na+ and K+ .. Read More»

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