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Russell J. Steele

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    Billing Patterns of Canadian Anesthesiologists over a Decade
    Author(s): Michael J. Tessler, Ian Shrier and Russell J. SteeleMichael J. Tessler, Ian Shrier and Russell J. Steele

    Purpose: Over the past decade several authors have focused on the demand for anesthesiologist services. The objective of this article is to determine the clinical work billed by Canadian anesthesiologists at different stages of practice. Methods: Ten years worth of specialist anesthesiologists' billing data from Jan 1, 1993 to Dec 31, 2002 were obtained from British Columbia (BC), Ontario (Ont), and Quebec (Que). The anesthesiologists were stratified into three age categories (<51, 51-64, and 65+). The number of unique physician - patient interactions and days with submitted billings were extracted for each anesthesiologist in each province. Results: The median number of anesthesiologists per year over the 10 year period for the <51, 51-64, and 65+ age groups were, respectively, 323, 138, and 51 in Quebec.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6148.1000129

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