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Raquel Millet

Raquel Millet


  • Short Communication
    The Utility of Thrombophilia Testing in the Acute Care Setting
    Author(s): Raquel Millet and Barry MeisenbergRaquel Millet and Barry Meisenberg

    Background: Acquired or congenital thrombophilia increases the risk of thrombosis but routine testing of all patients with thrombosis is not recommended. Inpatient ordering of thrombophilia testing is additionally problematic because the tests are moderately costly, hard to interpret and do not alter the inpatient course. Despite this, inpatient ordering still occurs. We studied the utility of thrombophilia testing in a community hospital. Methods: The electronic medical records of consecutive patients having thrombophilia testing were reviewed for demographics, diagnoses, specialty of the ordering physician, role of hematology or other consultants, and the extent of duplicate testing. Results: Most testing was ordered by hospitalists with no documented input from hematologists or laboratory medicine specialists. Testing met professional society guidelines in only one patient. Some testi.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-8790.1000237

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