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Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal
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Nisreen E Mahmoud

Nisreen E Mahmoud

Faculty 0f Veterinary Medicine Department of Parasitology Cairo University, Egypt

Nisreen E Mahmoud has completed her PhD in 1994. She is Working as a professor of Parasitology in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Cairo University - Egypt. She is a leading specialist of fish parasites. Her scientific interests include problems related to parasitic diseases and pollution in fresh water and marine aquacultures. She is an active participant of the international scientific conferences and symposiums. She has published more than 45 papers in reputed journals. She is the head of the Egyptian society of parasitology and patholoy of aquatic organisms, also a member of: Egyptian Society of Environment and Aquatic Animal Health, The Zoological Society A R. E, The Fish Committee of the General Organization for Veterinary Services, Egypt, The Fish Committee for the solution of Lake Naser fish helminthes problems, Egypt, The Egyptian Society of Veterinary Parasitology
Research Interest

Fish Biology, Fish Genetics, Fish Histology, Fish Diseases, Fish Health, Fish Larvae, Marine Aquaculture, Aquaculture Management, Lipid Analysis, Connective Tissue, Aquaculture Fisheries

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