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Mykol Larvie

Mykol Larvie


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    Fluid Phase Barrier Immunity and Serine Protease Cascades – The Essential Roles of the Coagulation System
    Author(s): Mykol Larvie and Kazue TakahashiMykol Larvie and Kazue Takahashi

    Immunity is typically taken to be the defense that one organism projects against injury from another biological organism, such as infection or parasitization. However, the mechanisms of immunity against biological organisms are fundamentally the same as those that protect an organism from stress and injury of all sorts, including biological, physical and chemical. Any organism’s first line of defense against infection, or other insult, is a physical barrier that delineates self from non-self. Evolution has produced many systems to augment and repair barrier immunity when, inevitably, it is breached. Among these systems are molecules that exist pre-formed in the fluid phase and are instantly available to make temporary patches and initiate long-term healing. Serine protease cascades have arisen as a common mechanism for such systems. Beginning from a primordial molecular with mix.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-8790.1000158

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