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    Protein Profile Involved in Mammalian Oocyte Maturation, Fertilization and Early Embryogenesis (Pre-Implantation)
    Author(s): Bongkoch Turathum and Morakot SroyrayaBongkoch Turathum and Morakot Sroyraya

    Proteomic analysis of oocytes can help identify proteins that are involved in female meiotic maturation and early embryonic development. Many proteins with well-defined functions have been identified during oocyte maturation. High levels of MPF, MAPK, Mos and low levels of cAMP play an essential role in the resumption of meiosis I. Following germinal vesicle breakdown, chromosome condensation and spindle formation occurred at metaphase I by assembly of the meiotic apparatus, which includes the proteins NuMA, γ-tubulin and Polo-like kinase 1. The metaphase II arrest is a result of high levels of MPF and MAPK. Proteins involved in the stress response and redox regulation, including peroxiredoxin, GST and HSF1, are also necessary for protection against oxidative stress. During fertilization, the sperm-egg interaction requires egg surface proteins, oocyte zona pellucida, molecular ch.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9296.1000189

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