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Chemotherapy: Open Access
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Michael Shoikhedbrod

Michael Shoikhedbrod
Electromagnetic Impulse Inc, Toronto, Ontario,

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    The New Forms of Medicines Producing and New Developed Method their Use in Chemotherapy
    Author(s): Michael ShoikhedbrodMichael Shoikhedbrod

    The existing methods of chemotherapeutic treatment do not permit to calculate the precise dose of medicine andthe time of its action on the tumor that leads to the unpredictability of result, and, therefore, to the ineffectiveness ofthe use of treatment itself. Furthermore, the damage of normal cells on the chemotherapy becomes the reason for awhole series of the complications, connected with side-effects action of the chemotherapy. The paper presents the developed mechanism of processing of the fundamentally new form of antitumorigenicmedicines with the calculated precise dose of the action of cytostatic on the tumor cells at the moment of theirmitosis (indirect division of cells). The new form of antitumorigenic medicines is a support material with the equally distributed spherical drops ofcytostatic. The support material, thus, is a solid at room temperature and.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-7700.1000257

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