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Miceli R

Miceli R


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    Molecular Mechanisms of Podocyte Development Revealed by Zebrafish Kidney Research
    Author(s): Miceli R, Kroeger PT and Wingert RAMiceli R, Kroeger PT and Wingert RA

    Elucidating the gene regulatory networks that control kidney development can provide information about the origins of renal birth defects and kidney disease, as well as insights relevant to the design of clinical interventions for these conditions. The kidney is composed of functional units termed nephrons. Renal malfunction often arises from damage to cells known as podocytes, which are highly specialized epithelial cells that comprise the blood filter, or glomerulus, located on each nephron. Podocytes interact with the vasculature to create an elaborate sieve that collects circulatory fluid, and this filtrate enters the nephron where it is modified to produce urine and balance water homeostasis. Podocytes are an essential cellular component of the glomerular filtration barrier, helping to protect nephrons from the entry of large proteins and circulatory cells. Podocyte loss has cata.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9296.1000138

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