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Cell & Developmental Biology
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Mastoura Mohamed Edrees Abdou

Mastoura Mohamed Edrees Abdou

Mastoura Mohamed Edrees Abdou Department of Chemistry King Khalid University Saudi Arabia

Mastoura Mohamed Edrees completed her PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2004 at Faculty of Science, Dept. of Chemistry, Cairo University, Egypt. She completed her Master and Bachelor degree in the year 1996 to 2001. Currently she is working as assistant professor, Head of chemistry department, faculty of science, king Khalid university, ABHA, KSA. She worked as Assistant Researcher in the year 1996-2001 and also worked as Researcher in 2004 in National Organization of Drug Control and Research, Giza, Egypt. She had 10 years experience in National Organization for Drug Control and Research in analysis of raw material, pharmaceutical products.
Research Interest

My Research of interest are Synthesis of new benzothiazoles and related structures, reaction of these compounds with heterocyclic aldehydes and conversion to arylidine derivatives followed by conversion to novel pyrazolo and pyrimidine derivatives. Synthesis of spiro derivatives of benzothiazoles and related structures, and testing of reactivity to nucleophilic nitrogen-containing compounds. Evaluated cytotoxic effect/antitumor activity in over 60 human tumour cell lines.

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