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Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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Kanji Yamasaki

Kanji Yamasaki

 Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan

Kanji Yamasaki was born in Nagasaki, Japan. 1976 M.Sc., Veterinary Medicine, University of Tottori. 1989 Ph.D., in Veterinary Medicine, University of Hokkaido. 1990 the Progress Award from the Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science. 1991-present Diplomete of the Japanese College of Veterinary Pathologist. 1993-present Diplomete of the Japanese Society of Toxicological Pathology. 1999-2007 the OECD VMG-mammalian member. 2008 Lecturer in Ochanomizu University, 2009-present Lecture in Meiji University, 2009-present Risk Communication Expert Committee member of the Food Safety Commission of Japan. 2010 Lead Guest Editor for special issues of Journal of Toxicology. Editorial Board of ISRN Toxicology. 
Research Interest

Specialized field is the toxicology, endocrine-related effects, experimental pathology, and risk assessment of chemicals, and research field is toxicity focused on studies of endocrine disrupting chemicals, carcinogenesis, pathology of bone and cartilage disorders. 

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