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Cell & Developmental Biology
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Jerry Chan

Jerry Chan

 Duke University, USA

 Jerry Chan has completed various degree namely MB, BCh, BaO (Hons), MA, MRCOG, PhD, FAMS and has received many awards and grants in both national and international arena. He is currently working as Associate Professor in Duke University teaching Cancer & Stem Cell Biology Program.
Research Interest

 My research interests are in the characterisation of fetal stem cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells, haemopoietic stem cells, endothelial progenitor cells and neural stem cells, and developing their translational use for both fetal and post-natal therapy, and in tissue engineering through studies of directed differentiation, homing and migration, and cell-cell interactions. We work with small and large animal models of different diseases and inherited conditions through xeno-transplantation, and utilise transcriptomics, proteomics and micro-fluidics approaches to delineate stem cell potency and interactions with other cell types of interest. Derivation of cGMP mesenchymal stem cells for bone repair and fetal transplantation is being developed.

Another area of research is into fetal gene transfer with non-human primates, allowing both safety and efficacy of such approaches to be assessed in the only animal model which approximates human fetal ontogeny and placentation.

Clinical research interests encompasses reproductive medicine in areas such as fertility preservation, development of novel ovarian reserve biomarkers and delineating the pathogenesis of endometriosis through application of tissue engineering principles and biosensing technologies.

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