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Medical Safety & Global Health
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Jean-Michel Garcia

Jean-Michel Garcia

Senior Technical Product Manager at Instana Nunhead, England, United Kingdom

Dr Jean-Michel Garcia studied chemistry at the National Graduate School of Chemistry of Lille (ENSCL) in France where he specialized in biochemistry and biotechnologies. He then moved to Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas (FORTH) in Greece where he was involved a multi-disciplinary European project aiming to design and characterize new optical materials for laser technology. Finally, in 2003, right after obtaining his Ph-D, he joined HKU-Pasteur Research Centre where he is in charge of translational research group. 
Research Interest

Our projects span over three axes of research: drug discovery, diagnostics and molecular biology: 1) Development of cellular screening for antivirals against HIV, H5N1 & Dengue, 2) Development, validation and field implantation of Influenza (H5N1) diagnostics, 3) Investigation of influenza receptors at atomic level. Direct involvement in international projects (RESPARI, DENFRAME, ICAV, ACIP).

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