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Jason Bryant

Jason Bryant
Nationwide Children's Hospital,
Columbus, Ohio

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    Cost Containment of Inhaled Anesthetic Agents in Pediatric Anesthesia: How Much Does Reducing the Fresh Gas Flow Matter?
    Author(s): Jason Bryant and Joseph TobiasJason Bryant and Joseph Tobias

    Introduction: Techniques of cost containment remain important in the practice of medicine. One strategy to reduce the consumption of inhaled anesthetic agents is to use lower fresh gas flows (FGFs). The purpose of the current study is to evaluate various FGFs to determine the most effective means of conserving anesthetic agents and limiting costs.Methods: Volatile anesthetic agent use and cost were determined using two different techniques. First by weighing the bottles containing the anesthetic agent before and after each case and secondly by measuring the amount of agent use based on Dion’s equation. The latter is calculated as PFTMC/2412d using vaporizer concentration (P), fresh gas flow in liters per minute (F), time in minutes (T), molecular weight (M), cost in dollars/mL (C), and density in g/mL (d). Patients were divided into two gr.. View More»

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