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Haiyan Li

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  • Review Article
    Cytochrome P450s: Blueprints for Potential Applications in Plants
    Author(s): Ahmad Naveed, Haiyan Li and Xiuming LiuAhmad Naveed, Haiyan Li and Xiuming Liu

    Cytochrome P450s belong to a particular class of enzymes (Oxygenases) which are extensively distributed in all classes of organisms that attract the interest of scientists worldwide. It has been proved multi-functioned super gene family that sophisticates the biosynthesis of several endogenous molecules and metabolism of discrete pharmacologically important oxymolecules such as Antibiotics, essential secondary metabolites, fatty acid conjugates, signaling molecules, lipid degradation, hormones and many more. In this article, we briefly overviewed the heterogeneous role of the superfamily of Cytochrome P450 based on recent advances in molecular biology and genetic engineering. The inevitable role of Cytochrome P450s proteins in the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites likewise Hormones, Flavonoids, signaling molecules and other important pigments in plants such as anthocyanin, terpeno.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-9029.1000204

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