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Gonca Yuksel

Gonca Yuksel


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    Preemptive Analgesia with Paracetamol and Tramadol in Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy
    Author(s): Guldem Turan, Gonca Yuksel and Filiz OrmancıGuldem Turan, Gonca Yuksel and Filiz Ormancı

    Introduction: Pain is a major problem regarding quality of life in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy. Preemptive analgesia is based on administration of an analgesic before a painful stimulus is generated. In this study we compared preemptive efficacy of paracetamol and tramadol in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy. Materials and methods: The study was done between January-May 2009 in ETN operation room. 50 pediatric patients between the ages of 4-12, ASA I-II, were randomly divided into two groups. All patients were premedicated with 0.5 mg-1 kg-1 midazolam (PO, 30 minute before induction). Anesthesia induction and maintenance were standardized. At induction, in group P the patients received 15 mg-1 kg-1 paracetamol (infusion in 10 min), in group T the patients received 1 mg-1 kg-1 tramadol (with 50 mL saline infusion in 10 min). Systolic and diastolic blood pressure (SBP, .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6148.1000231

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