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Journal of Bone Research
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Godelieve A Tytgat

Godelieve A Tytgat

Department of Paediatric Oncology, Emma Children Hospital, AMC University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Tytgat is the Member of Dutch Cancer oncology Group (DCOG); member of protocol and disease commity for neuroblastoma, DCOG Wilms tumours group, Non-Wilms tumor group, specialised in Renal cell Carcinoma (RCC). She has been invited to write chapter in Pediatric Neuroblastoma: molecular detection of Minimal Residual disease (Janine Stutterheim, Godelieve AM Tytgat and C Ellen van der Schoot. In: Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis: Neuroblastoma, ed M.A.Hayat, Springer, 2012), invited to join international consortium, NCI, Bone Marrow Working Group, invited to be member of SIOP scientific Programme Advisory Committee (SPAC)
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Paediatrics; Oncology

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