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    Influence of Seasons on Water Quality, Abundance of Fish and Plankton Species of Ikwori Lake, South-Eastern Nigeria

    Author(s): BO Offem, EO Ayotunde, GU Ikpi, SN Ochang and FB AdaBO Offem, EO Ayotunde, GU Ikpi, SN Ochang and FB Ada

    This study is aimed at assessing the effect of seasons on quality of lake water in relation to changes in fish, plankton abundance and environmental variables. Standard methods were used to analyze monthly fish, plankton and water samples collected from Ikwori Lake during wet and dry seasons for 24 months (January 2008 to December 2009). All measured water parameters except dissolved oxygen (3.3 ± 0.10mgl-1), total dissolved solids (103.2 ± 2.22mgl-1), acidity (4.44 ± 3.91mgl-1), color (60.33 ± 8.38pt. co) and pH (5.8 ± 0.119) showed significant seasonal variation. The highest values of the parameters occur between February and March (dry season) and lowest between May and August (wet season). In addition, total phytoplankton (cells/litre), were significantly more during the dry season than the wet. Out of 16 fish species sampled, 7 species were rest.. View More»


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