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Eke FN

Eke FN


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    Fecundity and Condition Factor of Clarias anguillaris of Oguta Lake, Nigeria
    Author(s): Eke FN, Odo GE, Agwu JE and Anya CBEke FN, Odo GE, Agwu JE and Anya CB

    Fecundity and condition factor of Clarias angullaris were studied in Oguta Lake for eight weeks. Forty species of C. anguillaris were studied. The length-weight relationship, fecundity, condition factor and gonad-osomatic indices were factors employed for assessment of health status of the fish. The mean length and weight of the C. anguillaris collected were 27.46 ± 1.47 (12.00-38.50) cm and 391.26 ± 17.92 (144.60-553.40) g respectively. Some of the morphometrics manifested linkage and C. anguillaris exhibited a coefficient of determination (R2) of 0.008, and Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) of -0.091. Fecundity-weight relationship of C. anguillaris was also not significant (p=0.062) with a Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) of -0.357 and coefficient of determination (R2)=0.127. The variations in condition .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2150-3508.1000229

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