Angiology: Open Access

Angiology: Open Access
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Corrado Tamburino

Corrado Tamburino

Full Professor of Cardiology, Head of Cardiology Division and Cardio -Thoracic & Vascular Department Ferrarotto & Policlinico Hospitals


Full Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Clinical Cardiology Division of the Ferrarotto Hospital and the Policlinico Gaspare Rodolico Hospital,

Director of the Cardiology Specialization School and Head of Cardio-Thoraco-Vascular Department and Organ Transplant ,Azienda Policlinico-Vittorio Emanuele, University of Catania..
He was inspired to become a physician by my grandfather and my father, who were both professors at Catania University (Catania, Italy) and were very esteemed doctors—they both specialised in internal medicine, photophysiology, haematology and cardiology

Research Interest

 cardiothoracic, Cardiovascular, Angiology

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