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Copeland M

Copeland M


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    Analgesia Post Abdominal Surgery: Intravenous vs. Continuous Thoracic Epidural Pain Management
    Author(s): Enten G, Puri S, Copeland M, Mangar D and Camporesi EEnten G, Puri S, Copeland M, Mangar D and Camporesi E

    Introduction/Background: This study evaluates the effects of continuous thoracic epidural analgesia (TEA) vs. intravenous pain control methods on the narcotics requirement for common laparoscopic abdominal surgeries. The introduction of new guidelines at Tampa General Hospital for the year 2017 afforded the opportunity for a sequential case series analysis of these two methods of pain management. Methods: A sequential case-series on patients undergoing laparoscopic or robot assisted abdominal surgery was performed. Patients were recruited upon request of surgeons using the same nurses and resident support team. Data were obtained from retrospective chart review following local IRB approval and evaluated for the effects of intravenous analgesia compared to continuous T9-10 epidural analgesia. Primary outcomes were intraoperative, 24 h and post-24 h opioid use in morphine milligram equival.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6148.1000835

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