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    Catch Rate, Distribution, Trophic and Reproductive Biology of the African Carp Labeo coubie in the Agbokim Waterfalls, Nigeria
    Author(s): GU Ikpi, A Jenyo-Oni and BO OffemGU Ikpi, A Jenyo-Oni and BO Offem

    The catch rate, diet, size, and reproduction of 565 specimen of Labeo coubie were studied over 24 months (January 2005–January 2007) in three reaches [upstream, midstream (waterfalls region) and downstream] along the 6817.7 m length of Agbokim waterfalls during wet and dry seasons. Data were processed using fecundity (F), allometric coefficient (b), Fultons condition factor, and diet breadth. Fecundity values were 10411.0 ± 121, 15102.0 ± 303.5 and 24143.3 ± 662 eggs for fish from upstream, midstream, and downstream, respectively, with overall mean value of 19811.3 ± 223 eggs. The relationships of fecundity with total weight, ovary weight, ovary length, body breadth were positively linear. Mean allometric coefficient (b) of the length–weight relationship of fish in the three reaches were 2.662 ± 0.291 (upstream), 2.592 ± 0.368 (mid.. Read More»

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