Journal of Bone Research

Journal of Bone Research
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Baybekov AI

Baybekov AI

Centre of Surgery, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


 Dr. Baybekov completed his Ph.D in 1972. He is the recipient of Diploma award, State Committee of Science and Engineering Uzbekistan, 2001. He is the Head of Pathology Department, Center of Surgery, since 1977 and President of Tashkent Heart Foundation, since 2002. He has authored books like Morphological Bases of Low Intensive Laserotherapy, 1991, Morphological Bases of the Indication and Results of Vagotomies, 1992, Scanning Electron Microskopy of the Heart and Biomaterials, Used in Cardiac Surgery, 1999, Echinococcosis (morphological reasons for surgical treatment), 1999 (award, 2001). Contributor over 350 articles to professional journals, and other 10 books

Research Interest

 Bone marrow; Dermatome wounds; Light emitting diode irradiation; Morphology

Relevant Topics