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Anuradha Patel

Anuradha Patel
New Jersey School of Medicine,
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  • Review Article
    Statins as Potentially Neuroprotective Agents: A Review
    Author(s): Anuradha Patel and Sergey V PisklakovAnuradha Patel and Sergey V Pisklakov

    The aim of this literature review is to assess the experimental and clinical evidence regarding potential neuroprotective effects of statins and their possible perioperative benefit. Statins are drugs used to control cholesterol disorders and prevent cardiovascular diseases by four mechanisms: improvement of endothelial function, modulation of inflammatory responses, maintenance of plaque stability, and prevention of thrombus formation. It is possible that these various effects may also be neuroprotective. The anti-inflammatory effects of statins on endothelial cell mechanisms are better understood than their role in neuroprotection or tumoral apoptosis and evidence is only just emerging that statins may be beneficial. Data regarding perioperative use of statins in neurosurgery is scarce, controversial and inconclusive since there is a lack of convincing randomized, prospective clinic.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6148.1000251

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