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Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy
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Anton Wellstein

Anton Wellstein
Lombardi, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Research Building,
Room E311, 3970 Reservoir Road, Washington DC

  • Research Article
    Circulating DNA and Micro-RNA in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer
    Author(s): Eveline E Vietsch, Casper HJ van Eijck and Anton WellsteinEveline E Vietsch, Casper HJ van Eijck and Anton Wellstein

    Collecting repeat samples of blood ("liquid biopsies") is a broadly used clinical approach for serial monitoring of disease or response to treatments. In patients with cancer the most distinct molecular feature are somatic mutations acquired by cancer cells present in the diseased tissue. Indeed, mutant DNA derived from dying or lysed cancer cells can be isolated from patient serum samples, subjected to DNA sequencing and to analysis of abundance as a measure of tumor burden. Also, changes in the DNA mutation patterns in serum samples collected over time can indicate altered pathways or clonal evolution of the disease and altered abundance of mutant DNA suggests an altered disease burden. In addition, during the course of treatment, changes in circulating DNA mutation patterns can indicate the emergence of resistant clones and prompt changes in treatment. In contrast to muta.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7092.1000156

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