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Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals
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Anthony Amoroso

Anthony Amoroso

Institute of Human Virology University of Maryland School of Medicine USA

Anthony Amoroso is an associate professor of medicine at University of Maryland School of Medicine,USA and completed M.D from Medical College of Georgia.Received B.S from Georgia Institute of Technology.Received Certifications in Infectious Disease.
Research Interest

Anthony Amoroso research interests includes Infectious Disease and A Phase I Pilot Study of an Antiretroviral Bridging Regimen in Highly Experienced Patients Unable to Achieve Viral suppression,A Study to Probe the Safety and Durability of Tenofovir and a Cell Cycle Agent to Maintain Viral Suppression,Viral Decay Kinetics During Induction Therapy With or Without the Use of Fuzeon in HAART-naïve Patients with Advanced HIV,cell Cycle Independent Antiretroviral Therapy: Once Daily Combination of Nevirapine, 3TC, and Tenofovir.

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