International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology

International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology
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ISSN: 2469-9837



Working Memory in Children: Effects of Anxiety and Depression

Ralf Greenwald and Rachel Carr

The study analyzed archival data of 38 elementary and middle school students from special education records. Scale scores from the Behavioral Assessment System for Children-Second Edition-Teacher Rating Scale (BASC-2- TRS), were used to measure anxiety, depression, attentional and learning problems. These scale scores were used as predictor variables for working memory and full-scale IQ scores on the Wechsler intelligence scale for childrenfourth edition. It was hypothesized that BASC-2-TRS scores would be negatively correlated with working memory scores, but not IQ scores. Results showed that the inverse relationship between learning problems and working memory scores was found to be significant.