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The Probiotic BIOHM Improves Nutrient Absorption by Disrupting Gastrointestinal Biofilms

Ghannoum M*, Ghannoum A, Hager C, Retuerto M, Isham N and McCormick TS

Aim: To demonstrate the ability of a probiotic supplement (BIOHM) to disrupt pathogenic gastrointestinal biofilms, thus enhancing nutrient absorption.

Methods: A filter insert model using Caco-2 cells to mimic an intestinal monolayer was employed to determine the ability of BIOHM to disrupt a mixed species (Candida tropicalis, Escherichia coli and Serratia marcescens) biofilm known to occur in patients with Crohn’s disease. Penetration of vitamin C and casein as representative of vitamins and proteins, respectively, was then measured.

Results: Application of BIOHM led to a significant increase in casein penetration through the Caco-2 cell epithelial monolayer in the absence of biofilms (p value<0.0001). Additionally, the combination of mixed species biofilms grown on a Caco-2 cell monolayer with BIOHM filtrate resulted in higher penetration of vitamin C and casein through the monolayer compared to untreated controls.

Conclusion: Our in vitro data indicates that the combination of ingredients in the BIOHM probiotic may enhance nutrient permeability, thus leading to increased overall absorption of proteins and vitamins.

Published Date: 2019-09-30; Received Date: 2019-08-23