Surf therapy as a means of deepening connection in a group therapy process | Abstract
International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology

International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology
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Surf therapy as a means of deepening connection in a group therapy process


Resurface is an evidence-based therapeutic retreat set-up to help a client in addressing their depression and trauma. The Resurface programmes are structured on the essential resource building stages of both EMDR and CBT, the only two treatment modalities recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for the treatment of PTSD, as well as the positive psychology evidence-based interventions taught at The Universities of East London, Pennsylvania and Chicago (Seligman, Csikszentmihalyi, Duckworth, Frederickson, Nolan,) and the philosophical legacy of the Aristotle. The key to any form of lasting psychological change is re-embracing connection with others whom you value. Addiction, depression and trauma always lead to isolation, loneliness and a lack of being understood. Resurface puts the power of connectivity at the forefront of all the therapeutic activities. Following a retreat, clients are armed with new information and understanding relating to both why they felt the way they did but also information on how to progress going forward in their lives. Previous clients have reported that attending a resurface retreat gives them a huge 'therapeutic boost', saving time and energy on their rehabilitative journey. This saving of time allows for a greater ease of implementing and integrating various therapeutic techniques, tools and resources into both their every- day lives and their therapy practice. As well as learning crucial new tools and interventions aimed at recovery from trauma and increasing flourishing, the retreats generate new, positive memories (themselves a resource to carry to forward), generates unexpected realisations in their own lives as well as witnessing other people's courage, vulnerability and strength. This creates a great springboard into the next stage of a client's healing process. Initial research is showing significant decreases in the anxiety (Gad-7) and depression (PHQ-9) with a concurrent significant increase in Change in Outlook (CiO) biometrics.

Published Date: 2020-08-19;