Review on Sheep and Goat Production System in Ethiopi | Abstract
Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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Review on Sheep and Goat Production System in Ethiopi

Afras Abera*

The review aims to examine sheep and goat production system to disseminate well organized information for the beneficiaries and readers by providing different husbandry practice, (housing management), reproductive and productive performance(age at sexual maturity, age at first lambing, age at first kidding, kidding/lambing interval and litter size), feed resource, constraints and opportunities of sheep and goat. Small ruminants are the major economically important livestock in Ethiopia, playing an important role in the livelihood of resource-poor farmers. Mixed crop livestock production practice is common production system of Ethiopia across different agro ecological condition which depends up on traditional husbandry practice and indigenous breed of small ruminant with low level production and productivity. Therefore provision of strong extension services and training on sheep and goat production system, husbandry practices and potentials of existing breed for sheep and goat production in order to improve the production capacity and productivity of sheep and goat to enhance income of smallholder livelihoods/ society.

Published Date: 2021-09-19; Received Date: 2021-03-12