Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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ISSN: 2329-888X


Physicochemical Properties and Functionality of the Novel Instant Mozzarella Cheese Powder

Emam AO*

The aim is to evaluate the physicochemical and functional properties of the novel instant Mozzarella cheese powder, and to identify the suitable casein chemical form and ratio to palm oil to achieve particular desirable functional attributes in the final cheese powder. Casein of cow’s milk was modified by renneting and/or carbonation and mixed with palm oil in specific conditions to form high and low fat slurries which were spray dried and mixed with Nanosized stabilizing salts. The results indicated that casein form had no effect on aw, tapped density, flowability and cohesiveness of powders. The carbonation led to increase the values of protein, lactose, sodium, pH, loose density and lightness. While renneting led to increase moisture, ash, calcium, reconstitution time, particle size, stretch extension, Tex, yellowness, post melt hardness and gumminess. The mixed casein forms powder was associated with the highest span and tenacity. The high fat powders were characterized with increased aw, reconstitution time, particle size and all stretchability indicators, as well as decreased lactose, minerals, pH, cohesiveness and flowability.

Published Date: 2020-01-06; Received Date: 2019-11-11