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International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology
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Delusions in Schizophrenia: where are we and where Do we need to go?

Matthew E Ryan and Trish Melzer

Although psychotherapy is indicated for the treatment of delusions in schizophrenia, it is unclear exactly what form of psychotherapy is most effective. To help clarify what psychotherapy modalities should be used for delusions in schizophrenia, this review explored current literature to examine the effectiveness of various psychotherapy modalities. Clinical trials were found through an online database and (when possible) only trials that included a control or wait-list condition were included. The central conclusion of this review is that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is the most effective psychotherapy option for delusions. Specifically, CBT has been demonstrated to achieve moderate effect sizes and long-term improvements in delusional symptoms, although the evidence remains equivocal. Important implications for clinicians as well as future research directions are also discussed.