Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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Characterization of Dairy Production Constraints, Existing Feeding Practices and Mineral Supplementation in Dairy Feeds in Two Districts of East Shoa Zone, Ethiopia

Wondewsen Bekele, Gebeyehu Goshu, Berhan Tamir, Tilaye Demissie and Zemelak Sahle

Study was carried out in Adaa and Adama zuria districts of Oromia Regional State with objective of assessing the existing dairy feeding practices, major dairy feeds and mineral resource at farm level. A cross-sectional study design was employed to assess dairy cattle feed and mineral resources. Then multistage sampling method was employed to select the study sample units, which had expected to be representative of the whole population, found in the study area. The districts were selected purposively, based on the number of dairy farm concentration. The result showed that the primary constraints for dairy owners were shortage of land (17.3, 14.6%); followed by feed shortage (13.4, 11.4%) in Ada’a and Adama Zuria districts, respectively. In the current study, 67.7% of respondents from Ada’a and, 89.4% from Adama zuria district did not grow any improved forages due to different cases. The survey indicated that 48.8% of dairy farmers from Ada’a and 43.9% from Adama zuria district did not supplement dairy animals with minerals due to lack of awareness and mineral availability.

The results showed that feed type difference and feeding practice variability based on feed availability and season of the study area. Therefore, Alternative feed production awareness and skills such as development of improved forages, proficient feed application technologies and natural pastureland improvement measures should be taken. The contribution of improved forage in dairy feed was very low due to lack of awareness and shortage of improved forage seeds and land in the area. To alleviate this problem, awareness creation and model nursery sites should be established for demonstration in potential districts so that dissemination and utilization of these feeds are very important. Due to unaffordable costs of commercial dairy feeds including concentrate feeds and, minerals, provision of common salt and locally available natural soil/bole as mineral source should be encouraged.

Published Date: 2019-01-31; Received Date: 2018-12-24