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Journal of Hotel and Business Management
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Cyril Peter

Cyril Peter
Senior Lecturer School of Business and IT WelTec
Wellington Institute of Technology
New Zealand


Cyril is passionate about hospitality and creating nourishing experiences for guests. While this explains his love for preparing and serving his natural Sri Lankan food to others; it also crosses over to the desire to provide security to those in his care. With a history in the hospitality industry (and qualifications to match) it has become an enduring desire to ensure the industry is as prepared as possible in the face of the rising acts of terrorism. His Masters explored this initially and subsequent research articles and conference papers have continued the same theme in more depth and with more specialities. Cyril’s current foci are related (but not limited) to food security, sport and event terrorism, cruise safety and how and why tourists choose particular destinations.

Research Interest

Terrorism, Event, Sport, Food, Cruise, Destination, Air travel, Tourism, Dark/black tourism