Journal of Hotel and Business Management

Journal of Hotel and Business Management
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Journal of Hotel and Business management publishes academic and scholarly articles covering a wide range of topics related to Corporate Governance, Customer Satisfaction, Decision Analysis, E-business, E-Tourism, Finance management, Food Service, Hotel Management, Human Resource Information, Internet role in telecommunications. The journal vividly disseminates latest knowledge and insights into broad spectrum of topics including but not limited to Leadership, Managerial Economics, investor relations, Manufacturing and Production management

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Popularity of the Journal of Hotel and Business management can be ascertained by the reader’s interest, curiosity and support, which is estimated from the response we have been receiving from diverse geographical regions all across the world. This is further ratified by the Google Analytics metrics that analyses and releases our reader’s profile from time to time and the total number of page views are 6095.

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• The visitor’s traffic is the benchmark for the success of any scientific journal and the Journal of Hotel and Business Management is constantly attracting viewers across the world. • According to the Google Analytics, more than 6,095 readers are visiting to our journal websites for submitting manuscripts, to browse the latest research published on Business and management and to refer the published content for conceptualizing their research proposals, deriving research hypotheses and validating their contributions. • Readers from the major countries including United States, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Nigeria visit our journal domain to learn about the ongoing research activities in this field. • Our online audience originate from both from the urban and rural settings; a great amount of traffic emerges from the major countries like the India (23.3%), USA (7.66%), Philippines (4.35%), Indonesia (3.99%),Malaysia (1.61%),China (1.53%),Nigeria (1.30%)

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A statistical analysis on global internet users of (By Google Analytics)

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