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Yogurt containing active probiotic bacteria exerts a protective effect against hyperlipidemia in rats

4th International Conference and Exhibition on Probiotics, Functional and Baby Foods

November 03-05, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Mohamed Maarouf Ali Zeinhom and K S Hashem

Beni-Suef University, Egypt

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Prob Health

Abstract :

Hyperlipidemia is a very important serious problem that may alter the life of the individual. Our current work is aimed to investigate the possible protective effect of bifidobacteria and or Lactobacillus probiotic supplemented yoghurt on an experimental model of hyperlipidemia. Eighty male adult rats were divided into four groups (n=20 rats), group-1: Control negative, Group-2: Hyperlipidemia. Group-3: Bifidobacteria supplemented yoghurt. Group-4: Lactobacillus supplemented yoghurt. The results revealed that Bifidobacteria supplemented yoghurt achieved the best protection against induced hyperlipidemia more than yoghurt supplemented by Lactobacillus by decreasing the total lipids, cholesterol, LDL cholesterol as compared to hyperlipidemia group. Moreover, yoghurt supplemented by bifidobacteria decreased the expression of tumor necrosis factor and inducible nitrous oxide as compared to hyperlipidemia.

Biography :

Mohamed Maarouf Ali Zeinhom has completed his PhD from Beni-Suef University, Egypt in collaboration with University of Guelph, Canada. He is currently a Lecturer of Food Hygiene at Department of Food Hygiene and Control, Beni-Suef University. He has published more than 8 papers in reputed journals.