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Urethral duplication in girl/boy

7th European Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

September 14-16, 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands

H Benslimane Hammou

Children Hospital of Oran, Algeria

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Abstract :

Material & Method: A girl aged 01 year and a half admitted for UTI. Examination revealed a distended bladder, and a slightly hypertrophic clitoris. Meatus accessory epispadias Ultrasound: bilateral ureteral hydro nephrosis, large capacity bladder thick walls. UCR: right unilateral reflux .second path epispadias meatus. Treatment: Initially a straight-sided configuration Cohen guy with a blindness of the second path by epispadias bladder way. Secondly treatment of hypospadias Discussion: The ureteral duplication for the girl is easy to diagnose when viewing the meatus epispadias. II- Given the small number of cases described in this pathology no classification has been described. Conclusion: The duplication of the urethra is one of the rarest abnormalities of the urinary tract. Its diagnosis and determining its type rely on VCUG and endoscopy If resection of the accessory urethra is relatively easy prognosis depends mainly on the sub bladder obstacle whose surgical treatment is difficult.

Biography :

Benslimane hammou belongs to pediatric Urology department he published many of the research articles which are related to urethral problems in children. He had completed his MD at the age of 30 years from Oran school of medicine. Currently working as a pediatric surgeon at Becher hospital in Algeria