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Pediatrics & Therapeutics : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in Pediatrics & Therapeutics have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Pediatrics & Therapeutics has got h-index 12, which means every article in Pediatrics & Therapeutics has got 12 average citations.

Following are the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Pediatrics & Therapeutics.

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Year wise published articles

48 5 14 33 45

Year wise citations received

143 168 147 137 122
Journal total citations count 1068
Journal impact factor 7.58
Journal 5 years impact factor 4.97
Journal cite score 5.96
Journal h-index 12
Journal h-index since 2016 12
Important citations

Dehghani SM, Bahroloolomifard MS, Yousefi G, Pasdaran A, Hamedi A. A randomized controlled double blinded trial to evaluate efficacy of oral administration of black strap molasses (sugarcane extract) in comparison with polyethylene glycol on pediatric functional constipation. Journal of ethnopharmacology. 2019 Jun 28;238:111845.

Sharma A. Patient-centric care in the US-A comparative study of patient satisfaction and quality care among for-profit physician-owned, corporate-owned, and not-for-profit hospitals (Doctoral dissertation, Virginia Tech).

Bhandari S, Jha P, Thakur A, Gooley BT, Lange JJ, Paudel H, Frank M. Perceptions of Third-year Medical Students of a Non-resident Hospitalist Rotation. Cureus. 2019 Mar;11(3).

Ramadhan MI, Susilaningsih EZ, Kp S. Gambaran Respon Nyeri Pada Anak Saat Pemasangan Infus Di Instalasi Gawat Darurat (IGD) Rsud Dr. Moewardi Surakarta (Doctoral dissertation, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta).

Dani R, Kale A, Dani P. Effect of Ice Pack Application on Pain During Venipuncture among the Children Admitted in Selected Pediatric Units of Sangli, Miraj, Kupwad Corporation Area. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development. 2019;10(8):749-53.

Balasubramanian H, Ananthan A, Rao S, Patole S. Probiotics for Preterm Infants-A Systematic Review of Indian Randomized Controlled Trials. Available at SSRN 3337888. 2019 Feb 16.

Liu J, Zhen S. Research Article Protective Effect of Maternal Prebiotics Against Neonatal Jaundice Induced by Phenylhydrazine in Rats. Int. J. Pharmacol. 2019;15:891-9.

Walker M. Novel Innovations and Recent Findings in Lactation Support. Clinical Lactation. 2019 Nov 21;10(4):175-82.

Deshmukh J, Deshmukh M, Patole S. Probiotics for the management of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine. 2019 Jan 2;32(1):154-63.

Khoshakhlagh AH, Yazdanirad S, Laal F, Sarsangi V. The relationship between illnesses and medical drug consumption with the occurrence of traffic accidents among truck and bus drivers in Tehran, Iran. Chinese journal of traumatology. 2019 Jun 1;22(3):142-7.

Iguma TS, Malmonge SM, Santos Jr AR. Natural Fibrous Polymers for Tissue Engineering. Stem Cells Regen Med. 2019;3(1):1-0.

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Al-Ani IH. Design, Optimization, and Evaluation of Combined Dosage form of Amoxicillin and Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Agent for Pediatric use using DoE. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP): Free full text articles from Asian J Pharm. 2019 May 7;13(02).

Comoglu T, Dilek Ozyilmaz E. Orally disintegrating tablets and orally disintegrating mini tablets–novel dosage forms for pediatric use. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology. 2019 Aug 9;24(7):902-14.

Westberg A. Characterization of mini-tablets: Evaluation of disintegrationand dissolution methods.

Trofimiuk M, Wasilewska K, Winnicka K. How to modify drug release in paediatric dosage forms? Novel technologies and modern approaches with regard to children’s population. International journal of molecular sciences. 2019 Jan;20(13):3200.

Palekar S, Nukala PK, Mishra SM, Kipping T, Patel K. Application of 3D printing technology and quality by design approach for development of age-appropriate pediatric formulation of baclofen. International journal of pharmaceutics. 2019 Feb 10;556:106-16.

Alghamdi A. Factors affecting body weight in boys in primary school, Makkah, Saudi Arabia: A comparative case study (Doctoral dissertation, Cardiff University).

Albugami HF. A physical activity intervention to increase the level of physical fitness among boys aged 14-15 years in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia (Doctoral dissertation).

Alharbi M. Influence of individual and family factors on physical activity among Saudi girls: a cross-sectional study. Annals of Saudi medicine. 2019 Jan 31;39(1):13-21.

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