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Tooth abnormalities and their age dependent occurrence in leukemia survivors

International Congress on Pediatrics

February 08-09, 2023 | Webinar

Anna JodÅ?owska

Medical University of Silesia, Poland

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Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: Although the multi agent character of the anticancer treatment seems to be an important limitation in terms of reliable assessment of drug dose-dependent impact of particular cytotoxic agents on dental abnormalities occurrence many attempts have been made on this matter. Study participants presented with different diagnosis and they were treated according to various protocols. A study conducted on a homo genic cohort could bring a new perspective on the problem. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: A group of 40 survivors attended to Outpatient Dental Clinic following the inclusion criteria: age of 5-18 years and minimum 2 years after anticancer therapy completion. Of these, 7 participants in pediatric remission were selected and their medical records were analyzed. The dental examination was also performed in order to identify developmental tooth abnormalities. All data are collected in most cases, the size of single and cumulative drug doses increased with the patient’s age. A single dose of L-as exceptionally high in two participants and one patient received three times the dose of the others. In survivors aged 33, 47 and 48months no size abnormalities were noted despite higher drug doses administered in comparison with younger patients. In younger participants an agenesis of third molars and crown reduction in second premolars and second molars were noticed. In one older survivor the reduction in crown size of third molars was diagnosed. Conclusion & amp; Significance: Patient’s age at diagnosis is a powerful prognostic factor when it comes to dental developmental abnormalities occurrence as long-term chemotherapy effects. The kind of dental changes strongly depends on the age at systemic anticancer drugs administration.

Biography :

Anna JodÅ?owska is a scientific and didactic employee of Department of Pediatric Dentistry in Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. She is a specialist of pediatric dentistry. After graduating in 1996 she studied an specification procedure. A PhD was obtained in 2007 after long-term research based on various specification formulas. For many years she has been dealing with impact of chemotherapy on dental development. Various aspects of analyzed problem have been presented in numerous publications. Main areas of her interest are endodontic treatment of immature teeth, developmental anomalies after anticancer therapy, dental traumatology and dental treatment under general anesthesia.