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Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques
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Thermodynamics of La and U in Ga-Al eutectic alloy and the separation factor of U/La in fused system Me(Ga-Al)/3LiCl-2KCl

2nd International Conference and Expo on Separation Techniques

September 26-28, 2016 Valencia, Spain

V Smolenski, A Novoselova, V Volkovich and A Osipenko

Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry UD-RAS, Russia
Ural Federal University, Russia
State Scientific Centre-Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, Russia

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Abstract :

Actinides recycling by separation and transmutation are considered worldwide as one of the most promising strategies for more efficient use of the nuclear fuel. The actinide â�?�? lanthanide separation efficiency can be estimated from the thermodynamic equilibrium constants and the activity coefficients. The formal standard potentials of E* Me(III)/Me and E** Me(Ga-Al) vs. Cl-/Cl2 reference electrode has been obtained by measuring the electromotive force of the galvanic cells at the temperature range 723-823 K by using potentiometry at zero current method on Autolab PGSTAT302N.The activity coefficients of solid �?²-La and �?³-U in liquid Ga-Al metallic alloy were determined by expression: The efficiency of electrochemical separation of metals during electrolysis was characterized by separation factor. Equation for calculation of separation factor (�?¸) for metals M1 (uranium) and M2 (lanthanum) in eutectic Ga-Al alloy is the following:As a result of the present work the activity coefficients of lanthanum and uranium were determined in Ga-Al eutectic alloys between 723 and 823 K. Separation factors of the couple U/La was calculated and showed the large values of this process. Analyzing the obtained data showed the perspective to use this system in future innovation method for recovery of nuclear waste.

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