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Strategic selection and staffing of human resource in hotel industry

International Conference on Hotel and Business Management

September 14-15, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

Anuroopa Mahajan and Rekha Maitra

Scientific Session: J Hotel Bus Manage

Abstract :

Hospitality industry is ever growing industry with growth in economy worldwide. The impact of recession is not great on hotel industry due to the fact that individuals/ families would take up travel for business or recreation and would need services of hotel industry. The only concern that worries the hotel management is attrition/turnover rate of employees, to overcome this issue Strategic selection of right person for a right job is the key to success. The term strategic selection refers to, selecting a suitable person, well-matched for the service. Strategic Selection has to be planned and calculative, as there is a mounting pressure of short listing and screening the right candidate, which makes the whole exercise rigorous. Strategic selection is based on tactical approach. Selection is a meticulous task, because the demand may vary depending upon the special circumstances i.e. experience level, qualification, skill requirement, gender, (in some states ladies are not allowed to work in evening hours) age, health conditions etc. The onus of selecting a right candidate lies on HR, the interview process becomes lengthy and tedious, when the industry needs a management trainee, where as the screening process for a job trainee may not be cumbersome. Staffing is all about judging the pros and cons of having a person as an employee, that?s why the department is named rightly, HIRE &FIRE department. The structured process is laid down by HR for recruitment and selection, which consist of the following: Assembling a job description for the trade department recruitment, Publishing an advertisement in reputed newspaper /any other media and inviting the applications via mail/postal address, Screening the right profile, Short listing the right candidate, Personal interview followed by group discussion, subject knowledge based interview, Trade test, Attitude test, Medical health examination and Stress examination. The organization seeking to attract the resourceful person and acknowledge those who are considered ?accurate? for the organization, in requirements of concern like commitment, flexibility, quality, ability to work in a team and so on. These are few to name. Selection consists of having an insight to select a right person, whereas the staffing consists of determining the staff strength based upon productivity standard. The research location chosen is various hotels ( Category 5 star and above) in Delhi and strategies adopted by these samples for selection of employees. These strategies have been evolved over a period of time after studying the employee turnover trend in market. The method chosen for research is questionnaire and interview sessions with employees and HR managers. These responses have been the guiding tools to formulate strategies for selecting and retaining the right and successful employees.